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Benefits of AGHE Membership

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 March 29, 2011


1. A complimentary copy of each edition of the National Directory of Educational Programs in Gerontology and Geriatrics is sent to every institutional representative.

2. The AGHExchange newsletter published three times a year, annual meeting announcements, and occasional publication and program information are sent to persons designated by the institutional representative to receive mailings from AGHE on a complimentary basis. The number of persons so designated depends on the type of membership

3. All persons from member institutions receive reduced rates on most services of the Association, including:

  • additional copies of the National Directory and other publications of the Association
  • annual meeting registration, exhibit fees, and program ads
  • purchase of the AGHE mailing list and newsletter ads to publicize workshops, publications, summer institutes, job openings, and other resources

4. Membership in AGHE provides many opportunities to publicize your programs and publications:

5. Opportunities are available for you and your colleagues to provide professional leadership to the field of gerontological education:

  • You are invited to work with colleagues on AGHE committees, sub-committees, and task forces.
  • You are able to support AGHE's role in Washington, DC, as an advocate for gerontology and geriatrics in higher education.
  • You have the opportunity to provide expertise to the work of the Association in areas such as manpower, standards, curriculum development, faculty development, public policy, and research related to educational gerontology.
  • You can share information about the field through AGHE's technical assistance and clearinghouse activities.
  • The AGHE institutional representatives receive key mailings from the Administration on Aging, National Institute on Aging, and the Senate Committee on Aging.



AGHE is the only national membership association that has as its primary purpose the advancement of gerontology and geriatrics education as a field of study in institutions of higher education.

1. Your dues make possible a series of publications devoted to gerontological and geriatric education. Click here for a complete list of these publications:

  • AGHExchange newsletter - published three times during the academic year
  • Directory of Educational Programs in Gerontology and Geriatrics - the only directory of its kind, providing a listing of over 750 gerontology programs in institutions of higher education in the U.S. and abroad
  • Brief Bibliography series - annotated bibliographies of the best quality education and training materials in over 30 subject areas within the field of aging
  • Standards and Guidelines for Gerontology Programs - for all educational levels
  • Research reports on a variety of topics related to gerontology education trends, curriculum content, program development, and personnel needs for an aging society
  • Beverly Lecture Series - reprints of the annual Beverly Lecture on gerontology and geriatric education presented at the Association's annual meetings
  • Meeting Abstracts - abstracts of presentations from annual meetings
  • Careers in Aging Resources - 2 booklets and a videotape on working in the field of aging

2. Your dues make possible the Annual Meeting , which provides a forum for sharing information and ideas on curriculum development, faculty development, and other issues related to gerontological education.

3. Your dues make possible the maintenance of the National Database on Gerontology in Higher Education, which enables AGHE to provide customized searches for information about gerontology programs. Responding to many different types of requests for information about the field of aging is a major role of the AGHE office.

4. Your dues make possible AGHE's role as an advocate for aging education and research, particularly at the federal level. AGHE has played a critical role in recent years in preserving federal appropriations for Title IV of the Older Americans Act, as well as supporting increases in funding for gerontology and geriatric education and research programs of the National Institute on Aging, the Bureau of Health Professions, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

5. Your dues make possible the implementation of a research agenda in the area of gerontological education and personnel needs in the field of aging. AGHE periodically conducts a national survey of gerontology programs to update information about the extent of gerontology instruction in the field of aging. Recent research has included work in the area of personnel serving the aging population, issues related to the infusion of gerontology curriculum in nursing and social work programs, and the impact of gerontology training on those working in the aging network.

6. Your dues make possible the existence of an organization which provides professional leadership to the field of educational gerontology.