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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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March 19, 2013



AGHE prides itself on providing support and high-quality resources to a broad national and international membership on very limited means. This has been especially challenging in recent years. Because AGHE’s membership does not provide 100% of our annual operating budget, other sources of financial support are important in helping to sustain our current programs and for expansion and growth of programs.  We ask you to consider participating in one or more of the opportunities we offer to provide such support.  

AGHE ENDOWMENT CAMPAIGNGraphic of thermometer showing progress toward $100,00 goal

In an effort to ensure long-term support and growth of programs, AGHE has begun (Spring 2008) an exciting new initiative. A $100,000 Endowment Campaign is in progress that will provide long-term financial insurance for AGHE. You can become a part of this long-term commitment to continue to ensure quality gerontology and geriatrics education and training. We have an initial goal of $100,000. Contributors during this initial period, are designated as AGHE Endowment Campaign Founders. Click here to find details on how you can become an Endowment Founder.



The goal for the 2011, Twelfth Annual Tree of Knowledge Campaign is $10,000. This money supports ongoing efforts to support students and faculty in gerontology. You can be a Friend, Sponsor, or join the Presidents’ Circle depending on your level of support. Whatever your level you can be assured that your continued support and participation will contribute to AGHE’s ongoing health and progress!Click here to learn more or donate.