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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Fellow Status is an honor conferred by the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE). By granting Fellow status, AGHE is recognizing outstanding leadership in gerontological/geriatric education by established scholars and educators at AGHE member institutions.  These leaders have progressed significantly in their careers and have created a history of contributions to the field. Fellows must complete an AGHE Fellow application, have two letters of endorsement and approval of by the AGHE Executive Committee before fellow status can be conferred.


Individuals eligible for this honor should be able to document well-established careers of achievement in gerontological or geriatric education.  Fellow status is granted only to individuals demonstrating a record of excellence beyond routine teaching and a history of service to AGHE.  Qualifications include:

  • outstanding achievement in teaching;
  • influential research or publications on pedagogy or educational issues;
  • influential research publications or theoretical contributions on gerontological or geriatric education/training; or
  • leadership in administration and funding of gerontological or geriatric educational programs, including the development of new programs.
     Eligible individuals also must be employed by an AGHE member institution or, if retired, have been employed by an AGHE member  institution.  Only applications for Fellows status submitted electronically will be considered; click here to download the application form to apply for AGHE Fellow status.  
Nominators, Supporters and Endorsers of candidates please click here for instructions on  how to prepare your Endorsement Letter for respective candidate(s).  Applicants must  complete the AGHE Fellow application and obtain two (2) letters of support; the nominator must be an AGHE Fellow (list available on the AGHE website). The second letter of support may come from another AGHE Fellow or a senior academic with established credentials in Gerontology and/or Geriatric Education.

Click here for a complete listing of current AGHE Fellows or use the alphabetical links below.

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