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Sunday, December 21, 2014
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Teaching Children About Aging (K-12 Task Force)

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Teaching Children About Aging

America’s future is in the hands of today’s youth who, as adults, will face a challenge unique to the history of mankind: a “graying society.” Today’s youth will need to care for aging parents at an increasing personal cost, invest in long-term care health insurance as part of their own long-range family planning, develop healthy lifestyles to ensure their own successful aging, and work to eliminate negative views about aging.

Unfortunately, very little is being done to prepare our youth to meet these challenges. Most high school graduates receive little information on the physiological, social, psychological, or economic effects of aging. AGHE’s Kindergarten–Grade 12 Task Force is helping remedy this by developing quality educational resources for teaching children about aging and pairing with elementary and high school teachers on a local level.


You may order a Brief Bibliography on Teaching About Aging for Children and Youth using the order form provided on this site.  A listing of  additional references on the subject is posted on this site for AGHE members. These are not included in the Brief Bibliography.