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October 1, 2010


(2011 - 2012)

Classification of AGHE members is made on the basis of the educational institution, not on the gerontology program, with the exception of the Educational Affiliate category. The Executive Committee reserves the right to re-classify member institutions when appropriate.

  • General Membership--Institutions of higher education with a demonstrated interest in initiating, developing, expanding, and improving education, research, and training programs in gerontology and geriatrics shall be eligible for one membership each. General membership is limited to institutions which are accredited by an official accrediting body of the country in which they are located. Institutions located outside of the US will be assessed dues at three-fourths (75%) the rate of domestic members for the appropriate category of membership listed (excluding educational and international affiliate memberships). There are six categories of General Membership:

    • Two-Year College. Dues: $350 per year.  (International: $255)

    • Four-Year College. Dues: $475 per year. (International: $345)

    • Professional School. Professional school not within a university which awards graduate degrees in a specialized area. Dues: $475 per year. (International: $345)

    • University. Dues: $620 per year. (International: $450)

    • Educational Affiliate MembershipAccredited academic institutions with gerontological educators and/or course offerings in aging, but without a formal gerontology program. A formal gerontology program is defined as one offering a degree, certificate, concentration, specialization, emphasis, or minor in gerontology, or is identified as a research and/or clinical training center in gerontology/geriatrics. Dues: $160 per year (US and International).

    • International Affiliate Membership. Available for one two-year period, only to educational institutions outside the United States which do not qualify for or wish to join under other membership categories. After the two-year period, International Affiliates may join under one of the other membership categories at a reduced international member rate. Dues: $160 per year.

  • Other Affiliate Membership -– There are two categories of Other Affiliate Memberships:

    • Organizational Affiliate Membership. Organizations with an interest in education, research, and training in gerontology, other than institutions of higher education. (Non-voting) Dues: $350 per year. (International: $255)

    • Sustaining Affiliate Membership. Institutions, organizations, or individuals generally interested in supporting the development of gerontology in higher education. (Non-voting if not an institution of higher education.) Dues: $915 per year or more.


AGHE's membership year typically runs from July 1 to June 30; however, actual member will run from date of membership dues receipt. To receive a membership packet for your school or organization, contact the AGHE office.   Click here for a printable application form.