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Friday, December 19, 2014
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Public Policy

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August 23, 2011



Public Policy Committee Mission


Plan and implement the public policy activities of the Association, particularly with respect to the federal government:

  • Develop position statements and public policy goals for AGHE to recommend to the Executive Committee.

  • Plan letter writing/telephone campaigns.

  • Monitor the federal budget recommendations for gerontological/geriatric education, training, and research.

  • Make periodic visits to key Congressional and federal agency staff.

  • Develop and maintain Inter-organizational linkages, particularly in the area of advocacy.

  • Provide linkages with other higher education associations to encourage the strengthening of gerontology in academic institutions, especially in the area of policy.

  • Provide linkages with other aging organizations to encourage the strengthening of education and training in aging services and programs, especially in the area of policy.


Public Policy Updates

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