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March 12, 2013



Business and Aging Committee Mission

The aging of the baby boom provides an accelerated challenge to gerontological educators to address the many issues that link business with the aging of society. These issues include the aging of the workforce, the dynamics of an expanding mature market, product adaptation and development, hospital administration and the costs of health care, issues of retirement and financial security, and generally, changes affecting how business can successfully respond to the needs of present and future older adults.

A major goal of the Business and Aging Committee is to provide a continuing venue for bringing together gerontological educators and researchers with interested educators and researchers from business schools and related academic programs, and members of various sectors of the business community. In this context, a major objective of the committee is to document current courses and programs – in gerontology and in business schools and programs -- that address business and aging issues, and to recommend approaches, model curricula and course modules, and other resources to facilitate the development of such programs.

The committee is responsible for developing special presentations, symposia, and pre-conference workshops on business and aging related topics for AGHE’s Annual Meeting and, when appropriate, at GSA’s Annual Meeting. As individuals, members of the committee should make themselves available to support business and aging as speakers and resources at the national, state, and local levels. Grant development to further business and aging initiatives is highly encouraged.