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March 12, 2013


"Retooling for an Aging America," a 2008 report from the Institute of Medicine, forecasted that America's long-term care workforce soon won't have the size or training it needs to deal with the nation's rapidly aging population. AGHE's Community College Committee has prepared a new document that outlines the special role community colleges can play in combating this shortage.




The Mission of the Community College Committee is to advise the AGHE Executive Committee on ways that AGHE can be sensitive and responsive to the needs and issues surrounding gerontological education within the community colleges.

Goals of the committee:
  1. Increase visibility through participation in Annual Conference in presentations, meetings, and networking and articles submitted to newsletter on the role of community colleges.
  2. Increase participation by community college faculty in the Annual Conference with a track for those interested in this level of higher education.
  3. Include a main speaker (where most attendees are present regardless of educational system) to increase awareness of the value to everyone of education at the community college level and how these are their future students.
  4. Develop AGHE scholarships for community college gerontology students.
  5. Increase community college membership in AGHE by developing a fact sheet on benefits to membership.