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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Academic Program Development


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August 15, 2013

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1. Plan, implement, and facilitate mechanisms for AGHE to assist academic institutions to develop, strengthen, and improve their gerontology, geriatrics, and aging studies
instructional programs.
2. Support program evaluation, curriculum development, preparation of standards and
guidelines, marketing gerontology education, development of education and training
materials, and preparation of course syllabi.
3. Encourage and facilitate AGHE collaboration with print, media, and website production and/or distribution organizations and businesses to increase the availability of educational materials and services in gerontology/geriatrics.
4. Oversee and support Consultation Program Sub-committee.
5. Oversee and support Program of Merit (POM) Sub-Committee.
6. Oversee and support Intergenerational Learning and Research Sub-Committee.


Dr. Christine A. Fruhauf (Chair)
Colorado State University
Ms. Carrie Andreoletti
Central Connecticut State University
Ms. Connie E. Beran
Concordia University at Austin (TX)
Dr. Elizabeth J. Bergman
Ithaca College (NY)
Dr. Dara Bourassa
Shippensburg University (PA)
Ms. Candace Brown
Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. David C. Burdick
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey 
Dr. Sarah Burnett-Wolle
Utica College 
Dr. José R. Carrión-Baralt
University of Puerto Rico
Dr. Mary Carter
Towson University
Dr. Gayle Doll
Kansas State University
Dr. Laura K. Donorfio
University of Connecticut
Dr. Kathryn S. Elliott 
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Dr. James W. Ellor
Baylor University (TX)
Dr. Alicia V. Fahr
Capella University (MN)
Dr. Lawrence W. Faulkner
University of Tennessee
Dr. Bradley J. Fisher
Missouri State University 
Ms. Tracey Gendron
Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Marilyn R. Gugliucci
University of New England (ME)
Dr. Roma S. Hanks
University of South Alabama 
Ms. Brooke Holbrook
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
Dr. Karen A. Hooker
Oregon State University
Dr. Martha A. Jacob
Dominican University (IL)
Dr. Shannon E. Jarrott
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University


Dr. Rona J. Karasik
St. Cloud State University (MN)
Dr. M. Elizabeth Kemeny
Slippery Rock University (PA)


Dr. Karen F. Kopera-Frye
University of Louisiana-Monroe
Dr. William C. Lane
Homer, NY
Dr. Lesa Lorenzen Huber
Indiana University

Dr. Lydia K. Manning



Duke University (NC)
Dr. Diane Martin
McDaniel College
Dr. Julie Masters
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Dr. Lorraine Mercer
Huntington University (Ontario, CAN)
Mr. Shane Moulton
University of Nevada, Reno
Dr. Cheryl Osborne
California State University Sacramento
Dr. Anabel O. Pelham
San Francisco State University
Dr. Charlie D. Pruett
Abilene Christian University (TX)
Dr. Paul A. Roodin
SUNY College at Oswego
Dr. Lisa Rosenberg
Touro University (NV)
Dr. Amina Sadik
Touro University (NV)
Dr. Jeannette Sager
Portland State University (NV)
Dr. Nina M. Silverstein
University of Massachusetts Boston
Dr. Harvey L. Sterns
The University of Akron (OH)
Dr. Cary Sweeney
University of California, San Francisco
Dr. Emiko Takagi
Towson University (MD)
Mr. Jim C. Tift
Metropolitan State University (MN)
Dr. Daniel J. Van Dussen
Youngstown State University

Dr. Robbyn Wacker
University of Northern Colorado


Dr. John F. Watkins
University of Kentucky


Ms. Aida Wen
University of Hawai'i


Dr. Bei Wu
Duke University