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Saturday, December 20, 2014
...Globalizing Education on Aging
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Academic Program Development


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1. Plan, implement, and facilitate mechanisms for AGHE to assist academic institutions to develop, strengthen, and improve their gerontology, geriatrics, and aging studies
instructional programs.
2. Support program evaluation, curriculum development, preparation of standards and
guidelines, marketing gerontology education, development of education and training
materials, and preparation of course syllabi.
3. Encourage and facilitate AGHE collaboration with print, media, and website production and/or distribution organizations and businesses to increase the availability of educational materials and services in gerontology/geriatrics.
4. Oversee and support Consultation Program Sub-committee.
5. Oversee and support Program of Merit (POM) Sub-Committee.
6. Oversee and support Intergenerational Learning and Research Sub-Committee.


Dr. Rona Karasik (Chair)
Saint Cloud State University