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AGHE-GGE Editorial Board

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January 31, 2012

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Dr. Judith L. Howe (Editor-in-Chief)
Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NY)
Dr. Kelly Niles-Yokum (Managing Editor)
York College of Pennsylvania
Dr. Mark G. Brennan (Consulting Editor for Statistics)
AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (NY)
Dr. Marie A. Bernard
National Institutes of Health & National Institute on Aging
Dr. David C. Burdick
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Dr. Constance L. Coogle
Virginia Commonwealth University 
Dr. Sherry L. Cummings
University of Tennessee
Dr. Kate de Medeiros
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Dr. Lorraine T. Dorfman
University of Iowa, Professor Emerita
Dr. Marilyn R. Gugliucci
University of New England 
Dr. David A. Haber
Ball State University (IN)
Dr. Kathryn Hyer 
University of South Florida
Dr. Helen Arleen Johnson
University of Kentucky
Dr. Rona J. Karasik
St. Cloud State University (MN)
Dr. Jennifer M. Kinney
Miami University (OH)
Dr. Josea B. Kramer
University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. Elizabeth Lindenberger
Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NY)
Dr. Kathryn B. McGrew
Miami University (OH)
Dr. Kathleen McInnis-Dittrich
Boston College (MA)
Dr. John McIntosh
Indiana University
Dr. Rosamond Robbert
University of Illinois at Springfield
Dr. Karen A. Roberto
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Dr. David G. Satin
Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA)
Dr. Kenneth Shay
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs (Ann Arbor, MI)
Dr. Debra Sheets
University of Victoria (British Columbia, CAN)
Dr. Nina M. Silverstein
University of Massachusetts Boston
Dr. Bryan D. Struck
University of Oklahoma Health Science Center
Dr. Edward H. Thompson
College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA)
Dr. Nina Tumosa
Sain Louis University (MO)
Dr. Donna L. Wagner
New Mexico State University
Dr. Deborah P. Waldrop
University of Buffalo (NY)
Dr. Donna M. Weinreich
Western Michigan University
Dr. Darryl Wieland
University of South Carolina
Dr. Dale E. Yeatts
University of North Texas (Denton, TX)