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August 19, 2013
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 Reports to the Awards Committee


Mission:  The AGHE K-12 Committee is dedicated to supporting efforts to infuse gerontology in the K-12 curriculum. The mission of the AGHE K-12 Committee is to advise the AGHE board on ways in which the organization can promote the understanding of K-12 gerontology education and facilitate national and local initiatives to infuse high quality and appropriate aging content into the K-12 curriculum (particularly in areas such as biology, health, reading, and social studies).

Edward  F. Ansello
Virginia Commonwealth University  

Pamela P. Brown (Co-Chair)
Winston Salem State University (NC)
Julie Blaskewicz Boron
Youngstown State University (OH)
Mary Carter
Towson University (MD)
Patricia K. Cianciolo
Northern Michigan University  
Elizabeth A. Elmore (Co_Chair)
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey 
Cynthia Hancock
University of North Carolina-Charlotte
John A. Krout
Ithaca College (NY) 
William C. Lane
SUNY Cortland Emeritus
Ronald V. Lucchino
Utica College Emeritus 
Eileen E. Malone Beach
Central Michigan University
Sandra L. McGuire 
Lincoln Memorial University 
Sally Newman
University of Pittsburgh
Kelly J. Niles-Yokum
York College of Pennsylvania 

Ann M. O'Hanlon  
University of New Orleans 

Timothy Okeke 
Livingstone College (NC)  

Cheryl Osborne
California State University Sacramento  

Carey Pelley
East Glacier Park, MT  

Catherine Tompkins 
George Mason University - Fairfax Campus (VA)

Kathryn Watson
Miami University (OH)

Joy L. Whittington
Burke, VA