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October 2, 2012





Become a student leader in the field of gerontology;
§  Build your curriculum vitae;
§  Network with leading gerontology faculty;
§  Experience what its like serving on an executive board of a professional association;
§  Contribute to improvements in gerontological and geriatrics education;
§  Travel to exciting cities;
§  and form lasting relationships


The Executive Committee of the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE ), the educational unit of The Gerontological Society of America (GSA), includes an  AGHE Student Chair and Secretary.  These positions offers an excellent learning experience involving broad networking and professional preparation and is a great opportunity for you to assume a leadership role in the gerontology community.  

The Student Chair position is a twenty-one month commitment:  

-        The first eight months will be spent as the Student Chair Designee, whose job it is to learn the ropes and shadow the Student Chair in his/her committee responsibilities, including attending conferences and executive committee meetings. 

-        The next year is spent as the Student Chair, who serves as a voting member of the Executive Committee.  In this role the specified in the Handbook for AGHE Student Board and Committee, the Student Chair is responsible for:

  • Facilitating student interests and addressing student concerns within AGHE;
  • Sitting on various AGHE Committees and Task Forces as requested;
  • Running events at Annual Meetings of AGHE and GSA;
  • and collaborating with Sigma Phi Omega and GSA's Campus Representatives program.  

To be considered for the Student Chair position, you must be enrolled in an undergraduate, masters, doctoral, or fellowship program, and must retain student status (full or part-time) for the next two years.  In addition, you must be a student at an AGHE member institution (international or non-international).  This first year you would serve as the Student Chair Designee (February 2013 through February 2014) to be immediately followed by a year as the Student Representative (March 2014 through March 2015).  Finally, you should be able to attend both the GSA and AGHE Annual Meetings, and participate in a monthly AGHE executive committee conference call.    

      For more information about the position, please review The Handbook for the AGHE Student Board and Committee.  If you have questions or concerns not addressed in the handbook, please do not hesitate to contact the current AGHE Student Chair, Candace Brown, at  

     If you are concerned with student affairs and gerontological education, are innovative, and work well with others, consider forwarding your curriculum vitae and a brief cover letter of why you are interested in serving as the Student Chair to Angela Baker at  We will accept applications through Friday, December 14, 2012. Send yours in today!