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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Public Policy

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October 15, 2013
Mission:  Plan and implement the public policy activities of the Association, particularly with respect to the federal government.
                                   Tamara L. Wolske (Chair)
                                    University of Indianapolis

                                  Tara L. McMullen (Co-Chair)
                       University of Maryland, Baltimore County

                         Lea Cartwright  (Student Committee Rep)
                                  University of  Nevada, Reno
Margaret E. Adamek
Indiana University
Edward F. Ansello
Virginia Commonwealth University
Judie Barker
Cuyahoga Community College (OH)
Jan L. Bowman
Coastal Carolina University (SC)
Patricia K. Cianciolo
Northern Michigan University
Joan Covert
Spicewood, TX
Katherine M. Curry
Our Lady of the Lake College (LA)
Neal E. Cutler
Motion Picture & Television Fund (CA)
Malinda Deacon
Miami University (OH)
John S. Fecondo
University of California, San Francisco
Md-raz Ferdaus
Our Lady of the Lake College (LA)
Kelly G. Fitzgerald
University of Zurich (Switzerland)
Beryl D. Goldman
Kendal Outreach, LLC (PA) 
Joyce A. Joyce
Saint Bonaventure University (NY)
Susan G. Harris
University of Nevada, Reno
Elaine Jurkowski
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
John A. Krout
Ithaca College (NY)
Phoebe S. Liebig
University of Southern California
Lesa M. Lorenzen-Huber
University of Indiana
Robert J. Maiden
Alfred University (NY)
Harry (Rick) Moody
Greg S. O'Neill
National Academy on an Aging Society (DC)
Karis A. Pallone
Purdue University (IN)
Joyce C. Pressley
Columbia University (NY)
Denise Price
Cleveland State University (OH)
Helen M. Raisz
Saint Joseph College (CT)
Andrew Revell
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 
Judith B. Sellers
Northern Arizonia University 
Nancy W. Sheehan
University of Connecticut
Lisa Skemp
Our Lady of the Lake College (LA)
Sheldon Steinhauser
Metropolitan State College of Denver (CO)
Harvey L. Sterns
The University of Akron (OH)
Melissa Stewart
Our Lady of the Lake College (LA)
Judith A. Sugar
University of Nevada, Reno
Janice I. Wassel
University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Barbara White 
California State University, Long Beach
Scott D. Wright
University of Utah
Bei Wu
Duke University
 Anna L. Zendell
SUNY at Albany (NY)