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October 13, 2009

Association for Gerontology in Higher Education

Privacy Statement

I. E-mail Communications

  1. AGHE does not give, rent, or sell email addresses to outside organizations. 
  2. From time to time, AGHE will contract with outside organizations and will send email messages written by an outside organization to the AGHE email list from within the AGHE office. All communications sent to AGHE membership are reviewed by staff prior to being sent out to ensure they contain information relevant to the fields of gerontology, geriatrics, and/or education. Each communication will contain a subject line clearly indicating the nature of the communication (eg., advertisement, job posting, etc.). Those persons with an email address on file with AGHE may opt out of receiving mailings sent on behalf of outside organizations by sending a request to from the e-mail address they wish to unsubscribe. 
  3. AGHE will periodically send email messages to our individual members and to subscribers of the AGHExchange newsletter. Examples of such communications include membership and/or subscription renewal notices; registration notices; and announcements pertaining to our annual meetings, programs, resources, and initiatives. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of messages sent to our membership regarding AGHE, and AGHE may add or remove items from this list as deemed necessary by the organization. Individual members and subscribers can opt out of these communications by sending a request to from e-mail address they wish to unsubscribe, but may not opt out of receiving notifications for the following: membership and/or subscription renewals, dues and purchase invoices, and annual meeting registration confirmations. 
  4. AGHE will send email messages containing annual meeting announcements, reminders, and registration notices to current and past annual meeting attendees. Attendees of past annual meetings who do not wish to receive mailings about future annual meetings may opt out of such communications by sending a request to from the e-mail address they wish to unsubscribe.

II. Postal Communications

  1. From time to time, AGHE may release names and mailing addresses to outside organizations for promotional or informational purposes. Any customer who does not want his or her name released to outside organizations may opt out by sending a request to, or by writing to AGHE, 1220 L Street, NW, Suite 901, Washington, DC 20005-4018.  Be sure to include your name, address, and institutional affiliation.

III. Customer and Benefactor Information

  1. AGHE will not share with third parties information about specific purchases, purchase patterns, or the organizational involvement of any individual member; member institution ,including its associated faculty or students; or subscriber. AGHE may share such information with The Gerontological Society of America (GSA; our parent organization) or with National Academy on an Aging Society (the public policy institute of GSA) for purposes such as financial accounting or to determine organizational policy. AGHE may also use this information internally for the same purposes.
  2. With regard to monetary or in-kind contributions, AGHE will not release information associating a donor with the specific dollar value of his or her donation(s) unless specifically authorized to do so by the donor or the donor’s agent. AGHE will publish the names and donation categories of our donors as a method of recognizing those who help or organization. Methods and locations of publication will be disclosed in campaign materials disseminated through our website, direct mailings, or publications.  Donors who do not wish to be named will be given the option of being listed as “Anonymous” in the appropriate donation category or not being listed at all. This request can be made on donation forms or by contacting the AGHE office. AGHE may use donorship information for internal purposes and may contact donors to notify them of new AGHE campaigns, initiatives, resources, and/or meetings. Donors who do not wish to be contacted by AGHE have the option to opt out of all communications by sending a request to