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Presidents - Past & Present

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AGHE Past Presidents
Institution (at time of selection)
Years of Office AGHE Focus & Contributions
Wayne Vasey
Wayne Vasey, PhD
University of Michigan
* Served as AGHE Chair from 1973 - 1974.  Has scholarship named in his honor from the School of Social Work at the University of South Florida. 1989 Clark Tibbitts Awardee
Walter M. Beattie
Walter M. Beattie, Jr. PhD
Syracuse University
1974 - 1975
Served as the first Chair of AGHE from 1972 - 1973 before becoming President. In 1963 Beattie was elected president of the Gerontological Society of America, and in 1974 he was elected president of the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, an organization he co-founded. Presided over the 1975, 1st "Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference" (Gerontology as a New Frontier in Higher Education) in Madison, WI at the University of Wisconsin. 1986 Clark Tibbitts Awardee
Martin B. Loeb
Martin B. Loeb, PhD
University of Wisconsin
1975 - 1976 Dr. Loeb was instrumental in establishing several important programs at the UW-Madison, including the Institute for Research on Poverty.  The 2rd Annual Meeting was held at the 4-H Center in Washington, DC; The meeting theme was not noted.
 Tom Hickey
Tom Hickey, PhD
Pennsylvania State University
 1976 - 1977 Dr. Hickey is currently a professor emeritus at the University of Michigan and presided over the 1977, 3rd Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Educational Developments in Gerontology for Higher Education) at the Ramada Inn in Tuczon, Arizona.  1996 Clark Tibbitts Awardee.
 Hiram J. Friedsam
Hiram J. Friedsam, PhD
North Texas State University
 1977 - 1978
The Hiram J. Friedsam Mentorship Award is established in his name to recognize those who emulate 
Dr. Friedsam's excellence in mentorship.  Presided over the 1978, 4th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Promoting the Growth of Gerontology in Higher Education) at the Baker Hotel in Dallas Texas.
Harold R. Johnson 
Harold R. Johnson, PhD
University of Michigan
 1978 - 1979 Dr. Johnson is a professor emeritus of Social Work at the University of Michigan.  Presided over the 1979 5th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Learning and Aging) at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. 1991 Clark Tibbitts Awardee.
Mildred M. Seltzer
Mildred M. Seltzer, PhD
Miami University
 1979 - 1980
The Mildred M. Seltzer Distinguished Service Recognition has been established to honor colleagues who are near retirement or recently retired.  Presided over 1980, 6th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference  (Issues of the 1980's: The Challenges for institutions of Higher Education) at the Denver Hilton Hotel in Denver, Colorado.  1985 Clark Tibbitts Awardee.
 Joseph H. Britton
Jospeh H. Britton, PhD
Pennsylvania State University
 1980 - 1981 Dr. Britton presided over the 1981, 7th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Gerontology Tomorrow: Consolidation/Expansion?) at the Netherland Hilton Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio. 1992 Clark Tibbitts Awardee
Carroll L. Estes (1981-1982)
Carroll L. Estes, PhD
University of California, San Francisco
 1981 - 1982 Dr. Estes presided over the 1982, 8th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Aging Policies in the 1980's: The Challenges for institutions of Higher Education) at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. 2000 Clark Tibbitts Awardee
Donald L. Spence
Donald L. Spence, PhD
University of Rhode Island
 1982 - 1983 Dr. Spence presided over the 1983, 9th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Academic Gerontology in Transition: Toward Significant Survival) at the Los Angeles Hilton in Los Angeles, California.
Harvey L. Sterns (1983-1984)
Harvey L. Sterns, PhD
University of Akron
 1983 - 1984 Dr. Sterns presided over the 1984, 10th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Interface: Gerontology and Other Disciplines) at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana. Reflecting his work at the Institute for Life-Span Development at The University of Akron, his address as the 1994 Clark Tibbitts Awardee, was titled: "Work 'Til You Drop or Knowing When to Stop: Self-Management of Career Through the Life-Span."
David A. Peterson (1984-1985)
David A. Peterson, PhD
University of Southern California
 1984 - 1985
The David A. Peterson Award has been established to recognize excellence in scholarship in academic gerontology. Dr. Peterson presided over the 1985, 11th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Educational Policies for Future Aging:  Building New Coalitions) at the Capitol Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. He was the 1993 Clark Tibbitts Awardee.
Barbara P. Payne (1985--1986
Barbara P. Payne, PhD
Georgia State University
 1985 - 1986 Dr. Payne presided over the 1986, 12th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Gerontology in a New Age) at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Atlanta, GA.
William P. Hayes (1986--1987
William C. Hays, PhD
Wichita State University
 1986 - 1987 Dr. Hays presided over the 1987, 13th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Gerontology Education: Perspective for the Future of Geriatrics) at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.
Neal S. Bellos (1987--1988)
Neal S. Bellos, PhD
Syracuse University
 1987 - 1988 Dr. Bellos presided over the 14th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Working for the Future Today) at the Bismarck Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
Ruth B. Weg (1988--1989)
Ruth B. Weg, PhD
University of Southern California
 1988 - 1989 Dr. Weg presided over the 15th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Recognizing Human Diversity: Educational Challenges in an Aging World) at the Hyatt Regency Westshore Hotel, Tampa Florida.
Susan R. Sherman (1989-1990)
Susan R. Sherman, PhD
SUNYat Albany
 1989 - 1990 Dr. Sherman presided over the 16th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Knowledge Through Research: Issues and Challenges for the Gerontological Educator [Schedule only]
Abstracts for 1990 Meeting.)
at the West Crown Center Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri.
 18 - Edward F. Ansello (1990-1991)
Edward F. Ansello, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University
 1990 - 1991 Dr. Ansello presided at the 17th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Dimensions of Intergenerational Relationships) at the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dr. Ansello is a Fellow of AGHE and of the Gerontological Society of America.  He was named Distinguished Academic Gerontologist by the Southern Gerontological Society (SGS) in 1990 and received the Distinguished Teaching Award from AGHE in 2001. He is also a Past President of SGS.  His work in the field of aging spans more than 30 years, with focuses that include elder caregiving, aging with lifelong disabilities, pre-retirement planning, geropharmacy, coalition building, and the humanities, media and aging. He is the 2011 Clark Tibbitts Awardee for AGHE..
J. Richard Connelly 1991-1992
J. Richard Connelly, PhD
University of Utah
 1991 - 1992 Dr. Connelly presided at the 18th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Getting to Know You: Building Partnership Among the Disciplines and Professions) at the Stouffer Harbor Place Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland.
Armin Grams (1992-1993)
Armin Grams, PhD
University of Vermont
 1992 - 1993 Dr. Grams presided at the 19th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Learners All: Understanding Aging Across the Life-span) at the Galt House East Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky.  His 1999 Clark Tibbitts Award address was titled "Learning, Aging and Other Predicaments."
Carolyn C. Rizza (1993-1994)
Carolyn C. Rizza, PhD
Slippery Rock University
 1993 - 1994 Dr. Rizza presided at the 20th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Aging Reconsidered: Challenges to Inquiry and Education) at the Stouffer Tower City Plaza Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio.
Linda M. Breytspraak (1994-1995)
Linda M. Breytspraak, PhD
University of Missouri, Kansas City
 1994 - 1995 Dr. Breytspraak presided at the 21st Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Leadership in Gerontology: Continuously Improving the Quality of Education) at The Worthington Hotel, Ft. Worth, Texas.
Jon (Joe) Hendricks (1995-1996)
Jon (Joe) Hendricks, PhD
Oregon State University
 1995 - 1996 Dr. Hendricks presided at the 22nd Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Beyond the Rainbow: Diversity and Collaboration) at the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  2004 Clark Tibbitts Awardee.   
William J. Mcauley (1996-1998)
William J. (Jim) McAuley, PhD
University of Oklahoma
 1996 - 1998
Dr. McAuley was the first to serve the newly established two-year term as AGHE president.  As such, he presided at the 23rd Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Interdisciplinary Gerontological Education, Research and Practice: Strategies for Success in a Disciplinary World) at the Boston Park Plaza in Boston, Massachusetts and at the 24th meeting (Constructing the Future of Gerontology in Higher Education: Planning for the 21st Century) at the Adam's Mark Hotel, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 2006 Clark Tibbitts Awardee: “Navigating Utopia: Coming to Grips with Aging in the All-Black Towns of Oklahoma”   
Suzanne R. Kunkel (1998-2000)
Suzanne R. Kunkel, PhD
Miami University
 1998 - 2000 Dr. Kunkel presided at the 25th and 26th annual meetings. Looking forward to the new millennium, the 25th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Blending Pedagogy and Technology: The Virtual Classroom of the 21st Century) in 1999 was at the Regal Riverfront Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri; the 26th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going. Gerontological Education in the 21st Century), in the year 2000, was at the Wyndham Myrtle Beach Resort, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.     
Gloria D. Heinemann (2000-2002)
Gloria D. Heinemann, PhD
VA Western New York Healthcare System
& University of Buffalo, SUNY
 2000 - 2002 Dr. Heinemann presided at the 27th and 28th annual meetings. The 27th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Capitalizing on Professional and Cultural Diversity to Benefit Older Adults)  was at The Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California in 2001; the 28th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Teaching and Learning about Aging through Interdisciplinary, Intergenerational, and International Programs) was at the Hilton Pittsburgh and Towers, Pittsburgh, 2002.  
Charles F. (Chuck) Longino, Jr. 2002-2004
Charles F. (Chuck) Longino, Jr., PhD
Wake Forest University
 2002 - 2004 Dr. Longino presided at the 29th and 30th annual meetings.  His professional education and scholarship as a demographer focused his attention on the looming increase in aging baby boomers at workand in retirement. Hence, the 29th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (AGHE Means Business: Educational Opportunities and the World of Work) at the

Hilton St. Petersburg in St. Petersburg, Florida, had the Editor for Retirement Planning of the Wall Street Journal address "corporate America's curiously cautious approach to retirement planning."  He also dedicated the meeting program to  past AGHE Presidents Armin Grams and Ruth Weg who died during the year. Continuing his interests in demography and aging populations, the 30th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Global Aging) stressed world-wide population aging and how gerontology and higher education will be affected by the worldwide phenomenon. The conference was held at the Richmond Marriott, Richmond, Virginia. 

Betsy M. Sprouse (2004-2006)
Betsy M. Sprouse, PhD
 2004 - 2006 Dr. Sprouse presided over both the 2005, 31st Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Careers In Aging) at the Renaissance Oklahoma City in Oklahoma City, OK and the 2006, 32nd Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Outcomes of Gerontological and Geriatric Education) at the Westin Indianapolis in Indianapolis, IN.
Marie A. Bernard (2006-2007)
Marie A. Bernard, MD
University of Oklahoma
Health Science Center
 2006 - 2008 Dr. Bernard presided over both the 2007, 33th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Mentorship-the Dyad, Triad, and Beyond) at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower in Portland, OR and the 2008, 34th Annual Meeting & Education Leadership Conference (Disciplinary Convergence: The Nexus of Gerontology and Geriatrics Education) at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel in Baltimore, MD.
Marilyn R. Gugliucci (2008-2010)
Marilyn R. Gugliucci, PhD
University of New England
 2008 - 2010 Dr. Gugliucci presided over both the 2009, 35th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Deep in the Heart of Aging: Promoting Health Futures through Education and Training) at the Crowne Plaza Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio, Texas and the 2010, 36th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Mining Silver: Optimizing Aging and its Workforce through Education) at the Peppermill Hotel in Reno, Nevada.  Co-Editor of the 4th edition of AGHE's Standards and Guidelines publication (Introduction, Gerontology Program Development, Doctoral Degree Program in Gerontology and Aging Studies, Geriatrics Curricula for Undergraduate Medical Education in Osteopathic Medicine and Trends in Gerontological Education) and the Consultation Program design and implementation.
Graham Rowles 2010-2012 
 Graham D. Rowles, PhD
University of Kentucky
 2010 -
Dr. Rowles presided over the 2011, 37th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Living the Old Age We Imagine: Higher Education in an Aging Society) at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the 38th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Engaging Aging in Higher Educartion) at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Arlington, VA.  Dr. Rowles was instrumental in establishing and maintaining AGHE's first $100,000 Endowment Fund.
Janet Frank, Dr. PH, (2012-      )
Janet C. Frank,
University of California, Los Angeles
2012- Dr. Frank will preside over the 39th Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference (Waves of Change: Charting the Course for Gerontology Education) at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront, St. Petersburg, FL