Transformation to AGHE 2.0

Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to share some exciting developments at the Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE) that will dramatically enhance our ability to showcase AGHE's activities to the broad community of scholars involved in gerontology nationally and internationally.


Over the past two years AGHE has been evaluating the best mechanisms for advancing its mission and strengthening its programs. In 2016, a joint AGHE-GSA Committee explored the Association's overall organizational health and sustainability, including its operating deficits. In 2017, AGHE President Nina M. Silverstein appointed AGHE President-elect Judy L. Howe to chair a Strategic Planning Task Force to develop the next strategic steps the Association should take to ensure its long-term success.

Approval for Transformation to AGHE 2.0

We are pleased to announce that the AGHE Executive Committee has endorsed the Task Force recommendations and that the GSA Council has also approved the strategic approach AGHE has proposed. The AGHE bylaws have been revised and approved by the AGHE Executive Committee and the GSA Executive Committee. The updated bylaws were approved by AGHE's membership during the AGHE Business Meeting at the 2018 AGHE Annual Meeting and Educational Leadership Conference on March 2, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia. A press release announcing the approval for the transformation was issued on March 14.

AGHE 2.0 Key Elements

The Strategic Planning Task Force has recommended AGHE take the following strategic steps to strengthen the Association and ensure its long-term viability.

  1. Re-position the organization as the Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education and more fully integrate it into The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) where it will serve as the Society's education organization.
  2. Maintain the Institutional Membership option in the newly formed Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education.
  3. Enable all GSA members to elect affiliation with AGHE during the normal membership enrollment process.
  4. Align essential AGHE operations (Fellowship, Awards, Committees, Program of Merit) with established GSA processes, timetables and financial management.
  5. Recalibrate and streamline the number of AGHE Committees and focus on high-priority activities.
  6. Adjust AGHE Executive Committee structure to be consistent with other membership groups in the Society.
  7. Integrate the AGHE Annual Meeting & Educational Leadership Conference with the GSA Annual Scientific Meeting.
  8. Maintain AGHE designation of Gerontology & Geriatrics Education (G&GE) as its official journal.
  9. Maintain AGHE Tree of Knowledge Campaign, James McKenney Student Travel Awards, and access to interest earned on endowment funds.
  10. Continue to pursue grant supported project to advance AGHE's mission.

These strategic steps will enable AGHE to pursue its mission while exposing a much larger population of academically-based scholars to the benefits of AGHE membership.

Commonly Asked Questions

While this is an exciting time for AGHE members, we also understand that individuals will have questions regarding how these changes will be implemented. Please refer to the Commonly Asked Questions About the Transformation to AGHE 2.0 here.

Next Steps

Please contact us with any questions you may have at the email addresses shown below. We look forward to working with you as AGHE takes this bold step forward.


 silversteinsig    howe
Nina M. Silverstein, PhD
AGHE President
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  Judith L. Howe, PhD
AGHE President-Elect
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p.s.: AGHE encourages its members to maintain their active engagement in the new Academy.