Awards and Honors

We congratulate the following individuals who received an award, honor, or fellow status and look forward to recognizing them in the AGHE program in Atlanta.

Clark Tibbitts Award
Marilyn R. Gugliucci, Ph.D. | University of New England

Hiram J. Friedsam Mentorship Award
Phillip G. Clark, Sc.D. | University of Rhode Island

Distinguished Faculty Award
Phyllis A. Greenberg, Ph.D. | St. Cloud State University

Rising Star Early Career Faculty Award
Eric C. Schoenmakers, Ph.D. | Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Student Leadership Award
Catherine Pérez, MS | University of Southern California

Graduate Student Paper Award
Jill J. Naar, MS | Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

James McKenney Student Travel Award
Travis Friot, RYT 200 | Portland Community College
Sarah D. Holmes, MSW | University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Lars Hopman | Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
Meghan McDarby, BS | Washington University in St. Louis
Jill J. Naar, MS | Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Rachel Sluder, BS | University of New England
Briana N. Sprague, MS | The Pennsylvania State University
Daniel B. Stewart, MS | Saint Louis University
Maureen E. Templeman, M.Ed. | University of South Florida
Loretta Wolf, MA | University of Nebraska, Omaha

Administrative Leadership Honor
Joann M. Montepare, Ph.D. | Lasell College

Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty Honor
Roger Anunsen, JD | Portland Community College
Amanda P. Weber, MS | Towson University

Mildred M. Seltzer Distinguished Service Honor
Sandra L. McGuire, Ed.D. | University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Harvey L. Sterns, Ph.D. | The University of Akron
Edwin Rosenberg, Ph.D. | Appalachian State University
Graham D. Rowles, Ph.D. | University of Kentucky

David A. Peterson Gerontology & Geriatrics Education Best Paper of the Volume Award
Liz Seidel, MSW | ACRIA
Vol. 38 2017 "Training senior service providers about HIV and aging: Evaluation of a multiyear, multicity initiative"

Book Award for Best Children’s Literature on Aging
"It’s Just Aging" by Eliah Takushi, Carly Tan, and Colby Takeda
"Hour of the Bees" by Lindsay Eagar

Hallie E. Baker, Ph.D. | Muskingum University
Maria L. Claver, Ph.D. | California State University, Long Beach
Elizabeth A. Elmore, Ph.D. | Stockton University
Heidi H. Ewen, Ph.D. | University of Georgia
Janet S. Hahn, Ph.D. | Western Michigan University
Tina M. Kruger, Ph.D. | Indiana State University

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