Mildred M. Seltzer Distinguished Service Honor*

Purpose of the Honor

The Mildred M. Seltzer Distinguished Service Honor is presented annually by AGHE to honor colleagues who are near retirement or recently retired.

Eligibility Criteria

Recipients are individuals who have been actively involved in AGHE through service on committees, as elected officers, or have provided leadership in one of AGHE's grant-funded projects. At the time of the nomination, the nominee must be affiliated with an AGHE member institution.


Nominees will be reviewed and recommended by the AGHE Awards Committee with final approval given by the Association's Executive Committee. Multiple honors may be given annually.


Recipient(s) receive a personalized certificate and will be honored at the Annual Meeting of the Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education.

Nomination Process

AGHE members are encouraged to recommend colleagues for this honor by downloading the nominations form. For questions about this honor, contact AGHE at (202) 289-806 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Sandra L. McGuire, Ed.D. | University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Harvey L. Sterns, Ph.D. | The University of Akron
Edwin Rosenberg, Ph.D. | Appalachian State University
Graham D. Rowles, Ph.D. | University of Kentucky


Bradley J. Fisher, Ph.D. | Missouri State University
Beryl D. Goldman, Ph.D., RN, NHA | Kendal Outreach, LLC
Jim P. Mitchell, Ph.D. | East Carolina University
Maureen E. Power, Ph.D. | Worcester State College
Kathy A. Segrist, Ph.D. | Ball State University
Sue Ward | American River College


Barbara Gillogly, Ph.D. | American River College
Lynne Hodgson, Ph.D. | Quinnipiac University
Bob G. Knight, Ph.D. | University of Southern California
Leslie A. Morgan, Ph.D. | University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Sheldon "Shelly" Steinhauser, Honorary DPS | Metropolitan State University of Denver


Dena Shenk, Ph.D. | University of North Carolina Charlotte
Eleanor Krassen Covan, Ph.D. | University of North Caroline Wilmington


Harry "Rick" Moody, Ph.D. | AARP
Sally M. Newman, Ph.D. | University of Pittsburgh


Alton C. Dubois, Ph.D. | Concordia University Chicago


William J. McAuley, Ph.D. | George Mason University
Leonard W. Poon, Ph.D. | University of Georgia
Paul A. Roodin, Ph.D. | SUNY Oswego


Betty D. Dodson, Ph.D. | University of Nevada, Reno
Lisa Groger, Ph.D. | Miami University
John A. Krout, Ph.D. | Ithaca College
Betsy M. Sprouse, Ph.D. AARP


C. Joanne Grabinski, Ph.D. | Eastern Michigan University
Mary Alice Wolf, Ph.D. | Saint Joseph College


Stephen J. Cutler, Ph.D. | University of Vermont
Althea Taylor-Jones, Ph.D. | Winston-Salem State University


John A. Belzer, Ph.D. | University of Oklahoma
Elizabeth B. Douglass, M.A. | University of Maryland Baltimore County
Iris A. Parham, Ph.D. | Virginia Commonwealth University
Novella Perrin, Ph.D. | University of Central Missouri
Charles Schmidtke, Ph.D. | Canisius College
Anthony Traxler, Ph.D. | Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville


May Futrell, Ph.D. | University of Massachusetts
Phoebe S. Liebig, Ph.D. | University of Southern California
Joan Wood, Ph.D. | University of California, San Francisco


Robert N. Gandee, Ph.D. | Slippery Rock University
Gloria Heinemann, Ph.D. | University at Buffalo, SUNY
William Lane, Ph.D. | SUNY Cortland
Edward E. Morgan, Jr., Ph.D. | Bowling Green State University
David L. Treybig, Ph.D. | Baldwin-Wallace College
Derrel R. Watkins, Ph.D. | Saint Paul School of Theology


Sara Aleman, Ph.D. | Northern Arizona University
Steven Applewhite, Ph.D. | University of Houston
William E. Arnold, Ph.D. | Arizona State University
Susan J. Eklund, Ph.D. | Indiana University
Nancy Gabrielsen, Ph.D. | Slippery Rock University
Jo Ann Luckie, Ph.D. | Del Mar College
Gwen Yeo, Ph.D. | Stanford University

* Recognition was changed to an Honor in June 2016.

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