AGHE offers three institutional membership categories and an individual membership.

Educational Institution

For educational institutions with a demonstrated interest in initiating, developing, expanding, and improving education, research, and training programs in gerontology and geriatrics.

  • Two-Year College (2 Academy Representatives): $398
  • Four-Year College (3 Academy Representatives): $597
  • Professional School (3 Academy Representatives): $597
  • University (4 Academy Representatives): $796

Educational Affiliate

For accredited academic institutions with gerontology/geriatric educators and/or course offerings in aging, but without a formal gerontology or geriatrics program. A formal program is defined as: (a) one offering a degree, certificate, concentration, specialization, emphasis, or minor in gerontology; or (b) one identified as a research and/or clinical training center in gerontology/geriatrics.

  • Educational Affiliate (1 Academy Representative): $199

Organizational Affiliate

For organizations with an interest in education, research, and training in gerontology, other than institutions of higher learning.

  • Organizational Affiliate (2 Academy Representatives): $398


For individuals not affiliated with an AGHE institutional membership who share the vision and mission of AGHE and wish to support the efforts of AGHE through membership.

  • Individual Membership: $199