Membership Benefits

The Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE) is the international leader in advancing education on aging and is the only institutional membership organization devoted primarily to gerontology and geriatrics education since 1974.

AGHE’s mission is two-fold:  (1) To advance gerontology and geriatrics education in academic institutions; and (2) To provide leadership and support of gerontology and geriatrics education faculty and students in educational institutions.  AGHE is the educational organization of The Gerontological Society of America.

An Overview of AGHE Membership Benefits Includes:

General Resources

  1. Annual Meeting:  For faculty, administrators, and students - focuses on teaching about aging issues and administering gerontology and geriatrics programs.
  2. Member Institution Support:  Faculty, administrators, and students are supported through AGHE’s many networks including annual meetings, teaching resources, website, advocacy, and committees.
  3. Publications:  The official AGHE journal is Gerontology & Geriatrics Education®. In 2018, AGHE members get a discounted individual subscription rate which can be obtained through Taylor & Francis Group's Customer Service department (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). AGHE also publishes the online newsletter, AGHExchange four times per year.
  4. AGHE Connect: A professional networking tool designed to connect members and share ideas across interest areas. AGHE Connect provides access to useful resources, valuable discussions, and a collaborative space for all.

For Academic Programs, Centers and Departments

  1. Program Review & Development:  The AGHE Standards and Guidelines document includes gerontology and geriatrics curriculum and program parameters for all levels of programs – associate, bachelors, masters and doctoral.
  2. Program Recognition:  The AGHE Program of Merit (POM) recognition is available to academic gerontology and geriatrics programs that meet AGHE Standards and Guidelines and other measures of program quality.
  3. National Links and Visibility: The Online Directory of Educational Programs in Gerontology and Geriatrics describes educational programs in gerontology and geriatrics at schools worldwide. AGHE members receive an exclusive benefit: an enhanced listing that provides greater detail than the basic entry, assisting in promoting their visibility and enrollment.

For Individuals (Administrators, Faculty and Students)

  1. Professional Recognition:  Awards and acknowledgements that recognize the contributions of faculty, students, administrators, organizations and individuals at AGHE’s annual meeting, in the meeting program, and on the website.
  2. Fellow Status:  An individual who has been a member of AGHE for a minimum of five years and is currently a member may apply for fellow status recognizing outstanding contributions to gerontology and geriatrics education.
  3. Special Programs:  Careers in Aging Week and other special projects.
  4. Leadership Opportunities:  AGHE provides faculty, administrators, and students with leadership opportunities on its many committees, and Executive Committee.
  5. GSA Member Benefits:  Institutional Representatives and Individual Members also have access to all GSA member benefits.