Consultation Program

 The AGHE Consultation Program assists community, four-year colleges and universities in:

  • Developing or evaluating a gerontology/geriatrics program
  • Developing a strategy for long-term planning
  • Obtaining an objective assessment, external review, or validation of a proposed or existing program of gerontology/geriatric instruction
  • Obtaining resource materials for executing, expanding, or evaluating gerontology/geriatrics instruction
  • Identifying tools for designing and implementing gerontology/geriatric content/courses

The needs of each institution are unique; therefore the AGHE Consultation Program has been designed to provide dynamic communication between the institution and the consultant they choose. The Institution is in charge of the process with the consultant reporting to the Institution’s Designee.

We provide a selection of national experts in the field of aging studies for you to choose from to ensure the best possible fit for your institutional needs. The AGHE consultant uses his/her unique expertise to objectively evaluate your proposed or existing program and helps identify opportunities and barriers employing a solution-oriented approach. A consultant also provides unbiased comments regarding gerontology/geriatrics instruction, program development, program change, faculty development, program evaluation, etc., in a final report constructed to support the Institutional mission and goals to enhance education on aging.

The AGHE Consultant Works with you:  
The Institution’s designee(s)

  • Contracts with AGHE to ensure the provision of professional consulting services for the institution
  • Chooses the consultant from a national panel of AGHE Consultants
  • Determines and arranges the process for consultation (a site visit is recommended)
  • Maintains communication with AGHE and the consultant throughout the consultation
  • Reviews the report prior to its finalization
  • Receives a final report complete with observations, recommendations, suggested plan, and a list of AGHE resources.

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°  Cost: Scope of work is factored in to determine consultation cost. Click for the fee structure
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