Support AGHE

There are several ways to support AGHE:

Endowment Fund

Donations to the Endowment Fund provide long-term financial insurance for AGHE.

Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge provides support directly to AGHE’s annual budget. Your financial support is important in helping to sustain our current programs and growth. 

Planned Giving

Support AGHE through Planned Giving. Whether you would like to put your donation to work immediately or develop a plan to benefit AGHE after your lifetime, explore the charitable options described on the website and consider making a gift. With thoughtful planning, your planned gift can help us ensure that AGHE’s mission continues.

Annual Meeting Donation

Support AGHE’s Annual Meeting and Educational Leadership Conference. It  is the premier national forum for discussing ideas and issues in gerontological and geriatric education. Educators, clinicians, administrators, researchers, and students share their experiences, expertise, and innovations regarding teaching and learning about aging and older persons.

Student Support Donation

Support the work of AGHE ‘s student constituency at the Annual Meeting and throughout the year.

Contribution (General Support)

Individuals can support AGHE with a general contribution to fit a variety of needs.

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