In an effort to ensure long-term support and growth of programs, AGHE began an exciting initiative in 2008.  A $100,000 Endowment Campaign was established to provide long-term financial insurance for AGHE. This fund is a long-term commitment to continue to ensure quality gerontology and geriatrics education and training.

The initial goal of $100,000 has been met and contributors during this initial phase are designated as AGHE Endowment Campaign Founders.

AGHE is committed to providing support to a broad national and international membership on very limited means. Your financial support is important in helping to sustain our current programs and growth.

So, what is the difference between our annual Tree of Knowledge Campaign and the Endowment Campaign? While the Tree of Knowledge provides support directly to AGHE’s annual budget, Endowment Campaign donations will be invested for the future. Donations to the Endowment Campaign will be invested in a way that will allow them to generate interest for AGHE. Part of this interest will be used to fund special projects and part of it will be re-invested into the Endowment. The Endowment Campaign rounds out AGHE’s fundraising initiatives in a way that helps us plan for tomorrow, while maintaining our ability to meet the needs of today.
Donations can be one-time, or spread over a period of 5 years in annual, quarterly, or monthly installments. If you want to make a one-time contribution to the Endowment Campaign, use the donate button above. If you would like to make a commitment to be fulfilled in multiple installments, Click here for the donation form.

The leadership of AGHE realizes that there are more organizations than ever vying for fundraising dollars, and wishes to recognize the gracious financial commitment of the Endowment contributors.

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